Surveying Inspiration (Part 3)

Surveying an old building inevitably involves spending a lot of time on site and by its very nature surveying forces you to look at every detail and nuance. On top of that, it is usual that the buildings have usually seen better days and are in a vulnerable condition, so you get to know the …

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Surveying Inspiration (Part 2)

There is a long and proud tradition of architects sketching buildings as part of their education, and thankfully this tradition is still being practised in some modern schools. Its’ purpose is to teach architects how to observe and how to translate their observations onto paper. Students can produce some really beautiful drawings and learn a …

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Come west along the road… the architectural road less travelled.

Education often feels like a journey. Sometimes the path is set out and you have clear guidance from others who have been down the same way. Educating oneself in traditional and classical architecture feels like a journey too, but could more aptly be described as a foolhardy expedition into a great but forgotten civilisation. Firstly …

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