All that glitters…(Part 3)

So what does archaeology tell us about architecture? Archaeology clearly shows how technology and knowledge have developed through traditions. We can see through archaeological evidence that there is a deliberate handing down of best-practices from one generation to the next. It is a combination of older generations passing on their knowledge, younger one’s picking it …

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All that glitters…(Part 2)

"…a man who knows the price of everything and the value of nothing" Spoken by Lord Darlington in the 1893 play “Lady Windemere’s Fan” by Oscar Wilde Unfortunately not everyone shares such an altruistic approach to our past as the archaeologists that I have previously described. There are the metal detectorists who deliberately target areas …

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Death by Nostalgia – What architecture can learn from archaeology.

The title of this piece “Death by Nostalgia” is a quote from Frank Zappa’s autobiography where he describes the continual recycling of styles in popular culture as stifling progress and innovation in contemporary music. This view has been common amongst the creative arts in the 20th century, where innovation and avant-garde are seen as superior …

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